Numinious Occulum

One of GW’s recent releases.

Again made out of very chunky plastic, and a few pieces make a very complex piece of scenery and isn’t for novices.

Lots of greenstuff was used to fill the many gaps – again the mould is not good and the pieces are warped and not true.

The pieces of the “cockpit” fit together well, once you’ve worked out how the jigsaw goes together.

Having built Airfix aeroplane kits, I did remember to paint the inside of the cockpit before putting the top on, and the walkway.

The walkway was painted with GW Khemri Stone, with highlighting in light bronze.

The completed cockpit.

The walls are covered in lots of detail. It was tempting to paint in lots of the details with more bronze and gold, but I felt I wanted to keep it slightly plainer, as my intention is to keep the focus on the figures.

I kept the greys as per previous efforts – either Foundry Slate Grey or Arctic Grey.

The first floor of this scenery pieces is nice and big, so you could easily put treasure up there and stage a scrap.

The floor is about 3 inches up, so a bit higher up than my normal home build scenery.

Overall, this is a really good piece of kit aside from the green stuffing required.

It should look really good on any table, and for the price its worth it.

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