When I bought the Foundry Demons, I had expected some small little fellows as I commented. Pleasantly thwarted, by the average to large size of the figures that ended up being Demons, I trawled through various producers for 4-6 Imps to no avail.

I therefore asked on the Frostgrave discussion board on the Lead Adventure Forum, and got pointed to some Reaper Bones figures.

I had wanted to get a good number of Imps in one go rather than having to get one here, and another there, with all the attendant hassle and cost (P&P). So I ordered two sets of these three little devils.

As Reaper Bones figures they’re softish plastic, but once mounted on 25mm round hard plastic bases and properly varnished they should be ok.

Arrived promptly on Saturday, finished painting today as the car was in the garage for servicing.

Painted in bright colours, to match the demons.

Apart from this one, painted flesh coloured, with an orange wash, and a mop of 9dried grass) hair, which I have named Little Donny Groper, who harasses pussy cats everywhere with his ickle hands. 😉

And the Imps with wings and lots of mouth tentacles are definitely not related to this fellow – a 15mm Eldritcvh Statue from Copplestone Castings, who is Dead but Dreaming. Also painted up as it is a nice size for 28mm skirmish games – also done for Back of Beyond.

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