The Cult of the Yellow Sign

Finally finished off some inDUHvidual figures for my new Frostgrave Warband under the King In Yellow (KIY):

Klotilda Ironface, an old C01 Fighter, and a pre-slotta Chaos Warrior.

The Apprentice and Captain respectively. I have yet to name the Captain.

Lots of yellow, added to with Foundry Buff Leather for the cloak, and then a lot of bronze and gold ornamentation.

The yellow which seems to be going ok so far is Iyanden Darksun foundation paint from Citadel, with layers of Foundry Yellow on top, with a wash in between of a very old Citadel Yellow ink wash.

Should establish a strong theme for the Warband.

I knew I wanted an Apothecary for my cultist war band, and it came with the Marskman figure as well – one of my first purchases for Frostgrave as opposed to my resurrection of old stuff.

I’d only played two games with this war band, when I rolled a Magic Weapon on the treasure tables, and it was a Crossbow. Well that sorted the issue – I was having a Marksman even though I hadn’t planned to.

Last but not least…

Another C04 Thief painted up – should be useful as an assassin type for Frostgrave. I didn’t paint him to go with my cultists, as I want all my thieves to be “freelancers”. 😉

Two down, another 10+ to go !

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