FG: This town ain’t big enough for both of us (Part One)

Monday and Byakhee Jim became the first of the unsanitary crowd to be my guest round at my parents’ for a game of Frostgrave. He was very well behaved, with both cats deigning to be in the room and falling asleep. Good job as Jim is allergic to cats.

We both had new war bands as I had lost my rota for The King In Yellow (KIY) and couldn’t remember much, and as my other two war bands are levels 50+ it was deemed to be a bit unfair. KIY is a Summoner. So much like JP’s Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) consorts with the undead and other demonic allies.

We opted for a simple head to head to start our new war bands off.

i deliberately set the scenery up at diagonals to the sides of the table to disrupt line of sight and make us work for our loot.

Jim brought figures for a themed waqrband – the old Khmer models – so the scorpion is actually had the stats for a bear.

Half his war band started up on the first storey to go after the loot.

His Wizard was an Enchanter. (Despite his looks)

My war band – Klotilde Ironface is the unpainted figure in the background is/was my Apprentice, even though she was actually a Citadel C01 Fighter.

The game begins, I win initiative (something that never happens when I play against JP) and I get the loot with a well timed `Telekeniss spell.

The two guys on their side are climbing up the wall for the next piece of loot.

Jim drew first blood shooting one of my climbers the next round, but a well aimed Elemental Bolt from Klotidle zapped one of his guys as they tried to carry MY loot away. 😉

This was her first successful cast, as she had already racked up about 6 points of damage due to failures.


FLICC, cats and rabbits

That’s the important bit done with.

six weeks in to their sojourn here, and BlackJack has brought back his first Rabbit.

The rabbits that my parents didn’t know they had in their fields as none of their cats have ever brought one back…

FG: Run of the Rangifer (Part Two)

Well one Wizard down !

The game was getting violent.

The Rangifer had leapt down from the upper storey with intent to harm my (now) deceased treasure Huntress, and landed next to a long cloth wearing barbarian, which then prom poly fell down under the enraged creature’s blows.

Worse than that, shaking off the Blinding Light, another Rangifer trashed my Thug behind my lines.

the gold maddened minions of Thaddeus tried to pursue my brave treasure collectors, and despite the war hound downing one of their number outnumbered and put the puppy down.
(Slots in the volunteer hospital to tend orphaned injured kittens are also available)

Making Thorin Oakenshield look normal, another Rangifer is slaughtered by Thaddeus’ gold crazed minion.

My apprentice Gideon fought of a Rangifer attack, and then was helped by “Deadeye” the ranger fresh from his killing of Thaddeus.

And another Rangifer goes down.

This was the last one.

Thaddeus’ minions were meanwhile dealing with more random creatures that were turning up.

But not before an arrow put down Holbron as well – another 20 !
So both Wizards down in the same game.

But that didn’t stop the fighting, with a Giant rat out out of its misery behind Thaddeus’ lines.

Getting out of Dodge City, my innocent crew were pursued by the thieves, to the bitter end.

Another exceptionally hard fought game, but really good fun especially with both Wizards being decked by 20’s – despite us being ~56th Level and packing a lot of protective gear. There is no guarantee of survival.

As it turned out…

Thaddeus suffered a permanent injury.
Holbron had a severe Injury and had to pay 100Gc to fix it…normally this isn’t so bad but as I had had to rebuild my war bands’ costa I had decided in the spirit of fair play to empty the treasury to zero to offset any deliberate or accidental gamesmanship in choosing th4 spell lists etc/ So after effectively 2 games I had a very diminutive treasury to cover medical costs.

Until the next time…

For completeness’ sake here is JP’s take events.

FG: Run of the Rangifer (Part One)

The second scenario JP and I played was the next thaw of the Liche Lord campaign scenario – Run of the Rangifier.

Nominally it was a good idea to keep the Rasngifers alive as (a) that got you more Xp, and (b) it was part of the fluff.

So we both went in to it with that idea.

Six treasure chests were on the table, each guarded at the beginning by a Rangifer.

Intending on keeping them alive, I was planning on using Blinding Light, and then drawing the Rangers out before one of my thugs crept in and nicked the treasure behind them.

Of course, Holbron’s enemy, the excrescence that is Thaddeus *who is EVIL and must be destroyed), had other ideas and simply pitched his minions to slaughter the Rangers.

They promptly slew a Rangifer in the first turn just two get their hands on the loot.

Of course, picking up the treasure, a monster encounter was triggered, and where di it appear – behind Holbron, who promptly despatched a thug to deal with the ice spider.

Despite being Blinded by magic, the Rangifer right in front of Holbron managed to put out of action the archer sent in to collect the treasure after ignoring the taunts from in front. Another 20 rolled by JP !

Over on the other side of the board, Thaddeus’ minions closed in on the treasure and the Rangers, and both of us cast Wall spells to shut down our inaction with the Rangers as far as possible.

The ever reliable flank attack by Fluffy the war hound, ends in the usual debacle.

All this ruckus attracted the Wraith Knight, who trashed Thaddeus’ Zombie and advanced forward with purpose.

Before being defeated by Blue Peter, Thaddeus pet Knight.

Meanwhile, Holbron’s crew surged forward and playing tug of war via telekinesis had wrested control of a treasure chest only for a Demon summoned from the nether regions by Thaddeus attacked, and then a Rangifer added to the mix.

By now both war bands had realised their plans to NOT kill the Rangers weren’t working and the Rangiufers were running amok.

My Treasure Huntress, jumped down from the upper storey onto some barrels in the middle of the fracas intent on retrieving the treasure that Oddleigh had purloined. Only to be struck down by Thaddeus’ bone dart (ooh err missus).

Only for one of my Rangers on the walkway to roll a 20 and skewer Thaddeus with his arrow.

Derring do indeed.

To be continued, because we have one wizard down, and more violence to come !!

FG: Storm of Undeath (Part Two)

So, now all the bets were off with the undead rising all around us – 6 armoured skeletons.

Holbron waded in to combat in the square (more XP !), though it was the Treasure Huntress who did the damage and destroyed the armoured skeleton.

A flank attack by Thaddeus’ pet dawg, Fluffy IV, was also sen off by my Captain after an embarrassing first round of combat.

Despite my Apprentice having been cut down, Thaddeus minced i under cover of an Invisibility potion, and back out again, just as well as an armoured skeleton rushed past him and had to be dealt with by an injured Treasure hunter of his war band.

My Ranger went down to two armoured skeletons and another enemy who then had them jump on him.

Never one to fight fair, Thaddeus’ brave henchmen ganged up, and a Knight (Blue Peter), a Barbarian and Infantryman downed a single armoured skeleton in an act of bravado, leaving three enemy bunched together.

Which gave Holbron a perfect target for a Grenade spell, which downed the Barbarian, just as he and his crew exited the table of battle.

This scenario was fun and easy to play – we took about an hour and a bit if that.

Digital cameras are unforgiving and there’s a lot of touching up of the paintwork to do on those figures. 😉

Anyway, we then moved on to the next scenario – Run of the Rangifier…

FG: Storm of Undeath (Part One)

A trip to Price Towers, for the latest game in the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign JP and I are playing.

I didn’t report the last game we had due to me being ill, unprepared, and not having any novel photos for you. JP’s take on the scenario – Loot the Cart – can be found here. A bit ironic as I provided the cart.

Back to this scenario…

A central square with 4 pillars that attract the baleful magic of the Niche Lord, to animate the piles of skeletons within.

Hobron Toddlebrew’s band assembles ready to get the loot and get out before the worsening weather and undead arrive.

Thaddeus and his minions form up to claim the treasure, accompanied by a demon and their newly summoned undead.

For once I won initiative, so rushed forward, but immediately lost my first model, the war hound.

And Thaddeus’ minions surged forward and he tried to get a skeleton to pick up some treasure, only for my apprentice to conjure a wall between it and the treasure.

And a second appeared from Holbron, unfortunately cutting off an archer from the rest of the band…

…with the inevitable mobbing of the archer by Thaddeus’ minions…

A minor demon was attracted to the mayhem, but other than distracting Thaddeus’ apprentice and a marksman made no impact on the game.

I chanced it and tried to grab a fourth treasure chest, but my Green Knight got mobbed, and despite wounding one off his enemies, went down under the mob attack.

As did my Apprentice who got caught out.

And then things got worse, as lightening stuck a pillar, and the dead rose up once more, leaving 6 armoured skeletons on the loose in the middle of the board.

Gate & Templar

At last, I managed two break the dry spell of not painting any human figures. I painted a Frostgrave Templar.

But first, I’d finished off one of the Gates I’d bought as featured previously.

Quite a large chunk of scenery as you can see.

I painted the inside crackly weird stuff violet and highlighted it with a metallic purple/violet just for good measure.

First human figure painted this year, so getting back in to the swing of things ahead of a games session with JP on Friday.

A Templar by NorthStar, nice simple figure to paint, and very similar to…

…the armour rack/suit available in their extras range.

I deliberately painted them the same colours to make that connection, plus blood red helps the items stand out on the table top.

Unlike the Constructs, this figure and scenery pieces are much more weighty and in line with both their plastics and most other 28mm figures.

A tale of two kits

On the last GW order I placed, I got the two gateway kits. I commented previously on the stairway needing a lot of green stuff so i was a little concerned about how much the two would require to “fix” or if quality control was being applied properly.

This gate went together like a dream. Only a few pieces but they were all easy to snap together and some joints were so tight I could have got away without glue.

The floating effect and the stairs are surprisingly robust.

This one however, as you can see needed/needs a lot more work.

The design of the kit is ok, but the execution of it is lousy. The corner pillars though they have lugs/holes to fit together, don’t. This is because the plastic is warped, probably due to the mould not being accurate.

So I’ll be using a lot of green stuff to fix all these gaps and holes.

Which is a shame, as it is a nice piece of scenery with the plastic being think to make it look and feel like a real wall, and lots of detailing – maybe too much.

FG: Constructs (Men at Work)

Finally, I’ve done some figures as opposed to scenery pieces.

hardly the most complex, but at least they are figures that I can use in a game.

They are also the first frost grave figures I’ve actually bought for myself.

Medium construct, on a 25mm round base.

Lady Katherine is an Enchanter (as well as being Enchanting), and has long had the spell “Animate Construct”, but without figures and no clue as to how to use them I have held off using the spell. That will change soon.

A Large Construct, on a 32mm round base.

After my move I have availed myself of some GW mail orders to get all the bases I need to finish off (hahahahaha) my Frostgrave and Mordheim figures. This one seemed to fit on the larger bases GW now produce, but wasn’t a full 40mm size base.

Stone Construct, again on a 32mm round base.

Nice set of figures, and the small construct, and flesh golem will be posted shortly.

The only disappointment is the size of the figures – they could be bulkier. But then the stat line in Frostgrave is also not that greater than their flesh and blood living counterparts.

So looks like Lady K will be out looking for more components for her constructs, so she can put them to work.

Traveling in a fried-out combie
On a hippie trail, head full of zombie
I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

Maybe I’ll have a crack at scratch building something soon.
When I have time.