Demons & Thieves

Light levels here have been bad, so not quite as much progress as i’d like. However…when I did the Foundry order I also got some Demons from their Casting Room Miniatures range. There was a 20% sale on, so I thought that they’d be worth the price, and thought they’d be good for Imps.

As you can see they were quite a bit larger than I’d anticipated. The red one is big enough to be a greater demon, and the green one a normal demon.

The models themselves are very simple ones, but for the price and amount of time they’re likely to last worth it. I used the Foundry Triads (Madder Red & Caverous Green) with appropriate wash and that was pretty much it.

The Thief is really just a re-base and touch up job but the first of the C04 Thieves which are my latest project.

The rest of them have been based and the flesh base coat and ink has been done. I also acquired a pre-slotta their (Ronald Byggs) on the right hand side which is a good match size wise.

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