Look at my rack

Paint rack that is.
Both of them.

the long overdue sort out has happened. the two trays at the front (baking/roasting trays) are the left overs and spares.

I ditched a good 30 or so pots of paint that had dried up or were unsalvageable.

Spare rack, where I will temporarily house the “in use” paints.

MDF racks, bought as kits about 10 years ago from Miniaturcanium, who no longer do them. 😦

Very handy for keeping things in order.

Just the GW/Citadel paints to sort out.

I managed to save some of the semi-dried out paints using Revel Colour Mix:

very good for rejuvenating paints, stinks to high heaven much like their Painta-Cleaner that I use to wash my brushes in (diluted with water).

In aditionto rejuvenated paint pots, a small Lead Cross parcel (TM), will be going to JP with the endless supply of Slate Grey and Boneyard (and others) I had. Space limits mean I have to pass them on to a good home.

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