FG: The Silent Tower III (Part One)

The second game Jim and I played, was The Silent Tower as he had not played that one – this is my third go at it.

Using the pringle tube towers that have been in the news recently.

Now with a base (an Inn) KIY had recruited a Captain, and raised a Zombie.

Ramses (Jim) sets up opposite. Having learnt Reveal Secret, KIY casts it and gets another treasure chest plonked in front of his Zombie.

two turns in, and playing a telekinetic tug of war with a treasure chest, Ramses is tempted to come out into the open so I speculative shot from an archer, hit but failed to wound.

The good old Wall spell put a stop to any more speculative shots !

So I sent in a war dog, only the minions to turn up, and which started a swirling melee lasting half the game.

Jim had borrowed my Constructs for his Enchanter Ramses to use.

Jim insisted on this dramatic photo, with the newly summoned Imp (an old Citadel D&D Satyr model), in the claws of the scorpion, which had just killed it.

KIY had summoned an imp as had Klotidla his apprentice (or Appendix we joked, more of which later).

Ramses then made a big gamble and teleported behind enemy lines to try and cadge a treasure chest off the shambling Zombie – great move…

Unfortunately, KIY turned round and zapped the interloper with an Elemental Bolt, rolling a 20 on the to hit roll…the first time a wizard has killed a wizard !

To be cont’d….

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