C04 Thieves from the archives

Now many people playing both Frostgrave and Mordheim have raided their lead mountains to find useful old figures that aren’t suitable for massed combat, many of them from the good old days of D&D style dungeon crawls.

For me I did this too, but my “in between” houses status and the ned to reduce the lead mountain range to a modest hill helped focus me, and one of the first things I did was to ensure that all the Thieves I had were with me in my few boxes.

As you can see in varying states of painting, this lot are the first generation(and last) of Citadel’s C04 Thieves range.

All 12 of them and ideal as Thieves, Thugs and ne’er do wells in Frostgrave and Mordheim.

I’ve had to jack a few of them up on greenstuff as they are slightly smaller than modern day models (scale creep !).

So my plan is to paint them all unto modern standards and use them in anger – a side project from the general Frostgrave stuff I am doing more of which later.

I have a few of the even older metal based ones and they’ll be done up too.

Here’s the original advert from the Spring 1986 Citadel Journal. I bought this magazine on holiday in Yorkshire and its seen a lot of use.

(NB: For once Stuff of Legends has got it wrong)

As you can see the photos came complete with rules for units of Thieves in WHFB !

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