FG: This town ain’t big enough for both of us (Part One)

Monday and Byakhee Jim became the first of the unsanitary crowd to be my guest round at my parents’ for a game of Frostgrave. He was very well behaved, with both cats deigning to be in the room and falling asleep. Good job as Jim is allergic to cats.

We both had new war bands as I had lost my rota for The King In Yellow (KIY) and couldn’t remember much, and as my other two war bands are levels 50+ it was deemed to be a bit unfair. KIY is a Summoner. So much like JP’s Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) consorts with the undead and other demonic allies.

We opted for a simple head to head to start our new war bands off.

i deliberately set the scenery up at diagonals to the sides of the table to disrupt line of sight and make us work for our loot.

Jim brought figures for a themed waqrband – the old Khmer models – so the scorpion is actually had the stats for a bear.

Half his war band started up on the first storey to go after the loot.

His Wizard was an Enchanter. (Despite his looks)

My war band – Klotilde Ironface is the unpainted figure in the background is/was my Apprentice, even though she was actually a Citadel C01 Fighter.

The game begins, I win initiative (something that never happens when I play against JP) and I get the loot with a well timed `Telekeniss spell.

The two guys on their side are climbing up the wall for the next piece of loot.

Jim drew first blood shooting one of my climbers the next round, but a well aimed Elemental Bolt from Klotidle zapped one of his guys as they tried to carry MY loot away. 😉

This was her first successful cast, as she had already racked up about 6 points of damage due to failures.


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  1. Very cool. Love the terrain

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