FG: This town ain’t big enough for both of us (Part Two)

The “bear” moved in to defend the loot that Jim’s war band had filched, only for me to mob it with two thugs and a war hound.

A randomly provoked wild dog bit the dust, as KIY summoned an Imp (in the back ground) to try and distract the advancing hordes of Jim’s war band to allow my own thieves to get off the table.

Leaning out of the ruins, Jim’s Apprentice also used Telekenisis to move the treasure up into the building next to him, only to get shot with an arrow (20 rolled !). So promptly fell out onto the ground below (dramatic licence applied in this photo)

Dodging the wandering dog, imp and even a Planar Tear, Jim’s Tracker got into combat with one of my treasure carrying thieves and was again mobbed by a Zombie and another minion.

In the centre of the board, Jim’s Zombie (Zom!) takes down his first victim.

And then his second.

KIY fries another wandering do with an Elemental Bolt.

Before frying Zom! with another bolt as it pursued the now wounded Klotidle.

First game was good, second to follow after a musical interlude.

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