FG: Storm of Undeath (Part One)

A trip to Price Towers, for the latest game in the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign JP and I are playing.

I didn’t report the last game we had due to me being ill, unprepared, and not having any novel photos for you. JP’s take on the scenario – Loot the Cart – can be found here. A bit ironic as I provided the cart.

Back to this scenario…

A central square with 4 pillars that attract the baleful magic of the Niche Lord, to animate the piles of skeletons within.

Hobron Toddlebrew’s band assembles ready to get the loot and get out before the worsening weather and undead arrive.

Thaddeus and his minions form up to claim the treasure, accompanied by a demon and their newly summoned undead.

For once I won initiative, so rushed forward, but immediately lost my first model, the war hound.

And Thaddeus’ minions surged forward and he tried to get a skeleton to pick up some treasure, only for my apprentice to conjure a wall between it and the treasure.

And a second appeared from Holbron, unfortunately cutting off an archer from the rest of the band…

…with the inevitable mobbing of the archer by Thaddeus’ minions…

A minor demon was attracted to the mayhem, but other than distracting Thaddeus’ apprentice and a marksman made no impact on the game.

I chanced it and tried to grab a fourth treasure chest, but my Green Knight got mobbed, and despite wounding one off his enemies, went down under the mob attack.

As did my Apprentice who got caught out.

And then things got worse, as lightening stuck a pillar, and the dead rose up once more, leaving 6 armoured skeletons on the loose in the middle of the board.

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