FG: Constructs (Men at Work)

Finally, I’ve done some figures as opposed to scenery pieces.

hardly the most complex, but at least they are figures that I can use in a game.

They are also the first frost grave figures I’ve actually bought for myself.

Medium construct, on a 25mm round base.

Lady Katherine is an Enchanter (as well as being Enchanting), and has long had the spell “Animate Construct”, but without figures and no clue as to how to use them I have held off using the spell. That will change soon.

A Large Construct, on a 32mm round base.

After my move I have availed myself of some GW mail orders to get all the bases I need to finish off (hahahahaha) my Frostgrave and Mordheim figures. This one seemed to fit on the larger bases GW now produce, but wasn’t a full 40mm size base.

Stone Construct, again on a 32mm round base.

Nice set of figures, and the small construct, and flesh golem will be posted shortly.

The only disappointment is the size of the figures – they could be bulkier. But then the stat line in Frostgrave is also not that greater than their flesh and blood living counterparts.

So looks like Lady K will be out looking for more components for her constructs, so she can put them to work.

Traveling in a fried-out combie
On a hippie trail, head full of zombie
I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

Maybe I’ll have a crack at scratch building something soon.
When I have time.

2 Responses to FG: Constructs (Men at Work)

  1. Somet says:

    By chance I picked up the same models this weekend to complete my Frostgrave collection. I’ve agonised over what to use for the Constructs but settled on the ‘official’ miniatures too. They do seem a bit ‘puny’ looking.

  2. I’ve seen others also saying this, yet the wizards and soldiers are much more robust and in line with other manufacturers.

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