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Well earlier last month i touted a Kickstarter (Kickstarter) campaign for the Frostgrave Folio collecting the three digital downloads. It finished on Tuesday evening, and today In received the results.

It contains the:

  • Sellsword supplement that introduces the mercenary Captain, a character able to gain XP and hence stat/skill increases, along with three scenarios to flex their muscles.
  • Dark Alchemy campaign, that has a revised potions table, and can be played as a solo set of games.
  • Hunt for the Golem, which I’ve just done with JP, the clue is in the title.
  • Arcan Locations, three new scenarios with strange scenery, sigh, I fear I will have to start building these places…and a set of upgrades for a wizard’s base.
  • and a new Campaign of three more scenarios “The Ravages of Time”, which I think is aimed more at higher level wizards and is the exploration of a Vampiric Choromancer’s lair. Looks interesting.

So the book has plenty of meat to get your teeth into. After nearly a year JP and I are still wading through the existing scenarios so these will take us another 6 months to get through.

As can be seen, the campaign came with the promise of extra goodies:

  • Sprue of 5 plastic barbarians – very detailed and easily a match for GW plastics.
  • A metal head and weapon hand for conversion of the above to make a model similar to the cover art of the book.
  • A Sigilist Wizard, again to match the book’s cover art.
  • And then there was a stretch goal, of an Appr4entice Sigilist.

The extras alone added up to more than £10 – the price of the book.

these figures are the first official Frostgrave figures I’ve acquired and they are very compatible with the old C02 Wizards I ahve, and the other C series figures I am using.

Which is good, and offsets the bad news I received regarding my former sister in law today. 😐

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