Xmashammer 2016 – The Hidden Necropolis

Third scenario, and I was playing.

Very few photos, as I was again catering, which is a major distraction from actually playing.

Again small forces deployed, to fight over a ruined house.

One Mortis Engine, and five Hexwriths supported by a banshee and Cairn Wraith.

The Looney-Ark and various Empire moved forward straight through the cemetery – as ever the WHFB rules don’t seem to make any difference moving over scenery. (Hmm, what is that call…Oldhammer ? Sanity ??)

WE finally clashed along the wall and the Hexwraiths were shot down by gunners before the Mortis engine was destroyed.

Quite a short game, the dice were not with us.

This meant the White Wizards would join up with the other Empire forces in the fourth and final scenario…

FG: The Complex Temple (again)

Now this was a scenario that Holbron Toddlebrew had not taken part in, luckily as the previous running of this scenario had resulted in some trembly lower lip from JP when he had lost a Captain and a Thug fighting against the inanimate pillars.

Jim and I reorganised the table and nominated the 6 statues, 3 three outside the central Weathertop scenery piece, and three within.

So Holbron set up ready to aim for two pillars he would personally attack (lots of XP !)

He decided to take a few minions with him to hand the treasure on to.

Just as well – after inevitably losing the first initiative roll, his minion archer died first shot by a bone dart from…

…the Insidious Doozelbat who rolled a 20 on the to hit roll…

But that didn’t stop Holbron from moving up and attacking the first pillar and getting the treasure.

Dppzelbat tried to retrieve the treasure by summoning an Imp, only for Holbron to use the Push spell to get rid of that nuisance. Oh, and we already had Fleet Feet running on Holkbron just to hasten things along.

Faster than a speeding snail, one of Doozelbat’s minions attacked a lump of rock to try and get some treasure, and was there 4 rounds later. Meanwhile Fido raced past him in a vain effort to eviscerate Doozelbat’s sidekick, only to be turned to the dark side (Yes, Fido, I am YOUR FATHER…no wonder Doozelbat is unpopular even amongst the wenches).

Meanwhile, Holbron sent thugs into the centre of the board to get some more treasure, with the first Thug being successful, but the Captain less so.

Passing the buck$…
Apothecaries are great for a starting warband as they come with effectively a free healing potion every game. pLus they are another pair of hands to shift treasure.

Pillar two defeated by himself !

Not only did the Captain not defeat the pillar properly she got jumped by one kid the enemy. Fortunately, my Apprentice managed to push another minion back preventing a multiple combat.

Push, a much forgotten spell I’d just rediscovered.

But it wasn’t gpood enough because…

Doozelbat appeared and bone darted her, despite me using a Drain Power spell.

Doozelbat was sent packing with a other Push spell, before my Apprentice Gideon went to try and pick up the treasure and paid for it with his life.

Better late than never, Doozelbat’s minion finally defeated a lump of rock, and got the treasure.

A fairly even game.

FG: The Well of Dreams & Sorrows (revisited)

Byakhees Alan and Jim came round for another Frostgrave bash. I chose the first scenario to be the Well of Dreams & Sorrows. Previously playing this with JP at a very early stage, Hiolbron had bottled out of trying to get to the well for the 50XP bonus. This time I was determined to make it !

I also determined to sue the Weathertop resin scenery from Forgeworld so dusted that off, and added the LOTR mirror of Galadriel for the well.

I deployed in two large groups to get some treasure and target the well.

Doozelbat (Jim) deployed to my flank, and Rinsesoap (Alan) on my other, so it was inevitable I would be squeezed between the two of them.

Doozelbat’s foul minions picked up some treasure first, and provoked a wandering monster roll – 4 skeletons popped up behind Rinseosap’s warband.

Meanwhile my thug had got to the treasure only for one of Soaprinses’ Kngiths pounced, and goat beaten thanks to an Elemental Hammer spell cast on his club.

Doozelbat had dropped my Captain, and sent his minions to swarm my Apprentice and meat shields as we had acquired a treasure. (Bear, Knight & Zombie)

casualties were taken on both sides – including my Apprentice.

I had more luck against Rinsesoap though – he got zapped by an archer of mine.

meanwhile his apprentice was using telekenisis to lift the treasure out of Doozelbat’s foul grasp, and then used a bear to block off pursuit.

Holbron got to the well and looked into it as to his fate…

Which came rather sooner than expected courtesy of a bone dart…

after about 4 rounds of shooting the bear finally succumbed, but by then Rinsesoap’s apprentice and minions were far away.

So two wizards out of action, and an apprentice down.

We discussed briefly whether a warband would bolt it when both their Wizard and Apprentice were gone, so that’ll be something to discuss later, maybe as a house rule.