FG: The Genie in the Bottle

The second game of the day. I’d played this before with JP, but on that occasion, no Genie turned up.

This time I was deploying Lady Katherine (a change of tune for me).

I managed to cast a Reveal Secret spell, so had a treasure chest right in front of me.

The good Lady Teleported up to the entrance to the building – my minions ignored the chest in front of us to try and get to the other chests of treasure to maximise returns.

With the pesky Marksman Doozelbat had and a clear line of sight to one of the treasure chests, I had to deploy the inevitable Wall spell, allowing my archer to rush forward to collect it.

My Apprentice (BoB, short for Kate tom avoid confusion with Lady Katherine) moved off, leaving the archer to pick up the treasure chest and BING ! Yup, the `Genie turned up. So at this point it was an “Oh Bugger” moment as I fully expected the Genie to slay the archer.

Nice the Apothecary went to pick up the treasure on the half landing of the tips and POOF ! It disappeared – Fools Gold. Not happy !!

A Ranger had caught jump with Lady K, and went into combat with Barry the Bear who had climbed up to the edge of the first storey. The Ranger injured but did not kill the bear despite an Elemental Hammer being cast. So Lady K then had to wade in. (The bear, undercoated black is rather difficult to see in this photo)

Doozelbat’s Marksman took aim waiting for the combat to end in order to pick off Lady K, only to find that a Zombie triggered was lurching towards him.

meanwhile, top my surprise, my archer defeated the Genie – a magical dagger and a good roll were enough. Yes, as an Enchanter Lady K has buffed most of her minions with either magical weapons or armour.

My war hound dashed out to attack the K-Niggit, Jim rolled a 1 despite breaking open a new pack of dice to see if they were any luckier than his other ones. So the K-Niggit was wounded. Of course it didn’t last and the war hound was defeated the next round.

Doozelbat summoned an Imp behind my lines. As a result, I had to use a Push spell to move my Apothecary with treasure out of harm’s way.

Barry the bear defeated the Ranger, but was in turn slain by Lady K.

Lady K then picked up the treasure and made a break for it using teleport again. To land an inch away from the board edge, only to be struck down by Doozelbat with another roll of 20.

One of my treasure hunters was downed, and the second stepped in. But there were too many dozy minions loitering with intent to the away my treasure. So I sent the Captain in, as it happened taking on Doozelbat’s Apprentice.

Allowing the treasure hunter to escape.

Doozelbat’s Apprentice was struck down and apparently lost ~1,000GC worth of magic items.
How tragic.

So a qualified win for me.

I got away with three ordinary treasure chests, plus the fourth which was the one the Genie emerged from worth 300GC.

FG: The Wyrm Hunts

Another gaming session, with Byakhee Jim, who has been busy organising his collection of miniatures having been bitten by the frost grave bug (and being unattended for a w/e by any responsible adult).

Table set up as normal.

The Wyrm, being a Citadel/Ral Partha Jabberwocky repaired by Richard, and hurriedly based by me on the day – propped up some bottles of dreadful concoctions for flavouring coffee Jim had brought with him (no they weren’t alcoholic shots).

My Apprentice (Gideon) and supporting models raced towards a treasure chest.

Whilst Holbron Toddlebrew raced towards another, only for another archer to be struck down in the first turn with a natural 20 by Doozelbat’s apprentice.

The second archer seized the treasure whilst Hoblron took cover. The Treasure Hunter was sent forth to…hunt for treasure…

Doozelbat sent in a Possessed souped up knight, only to encounter Nice the Apothecary and the Captain, who promptly killed the Knight.

Unfortunately, skeletons turned up behind me !

Doozelbat displayed his leadership qualities, by hiding.

So far so good – UNTIL – Holbron was cut down by archers !
Losing your wizard early in the game reduces XP count and seriously cramps your style, even if you keep winning initiative as I did.

The Treasure Hunter closed in a treasure chest – only it turned out to be Fools Gold, leaving her standing in a shooting gallery. This time, Doozelbats Dozy minions failed to hit once.

But the Dozy minions had secured another treasure chest, which they raced to get off the board, only to find a Bear had turned up with an interest in matters.

Emboldened by success Doozelbat came out to try and bone dart one of my minions, failed and then was shot by Borin Hood the ranger – now both sides lacked their Wizard.

Carnage mounted – Nice the Apothecary went down to another Marksman quarrel.

And despite being pushed back by my Apprentice Gideon, Barry the Bear put Borin the Hood.

Mob Treasure Hunter tried to avoid the shooting gallery by moving in towards one of the dozy minions, won combat, and then got cut down.

I had two treasure chests off the table by now, the Cpatain had collected a third and it didn’t look like I’d get a fourth, so I backed off, only for the Bear which Doozelbats Apprentice had gained mastery of (Control Animal) tracked Gideon across the table and pounced, just at the same time the two remaining skeletons turned round and charged into combat in a three way melee (we chose to have one Skeleton against each of our models)

Finally the Wyrm/Jabberwocky turned up next two the last unclaimed treasure which Jim had been referring to as a ticking time bomb.

And charged Doozelbat’s Marksman. Who won combat and disengaged.

Allowing the apprentice to bone dart the creature to death !

Meanwhile, the bear had destroyed a skeleton, then my Gideon killed the bear, and then the skeleton, before making a quick escape !

Xmashammer 2016 – Battle of the Barrows

The fourth and final scenario from the Blood of Sigmar book, and our last game of the two days. I was once again, not catering in the afternoon so there’s more photos this time round.

A bigger battle the the previous ones. The Vampire Counts set up, but expected to receive reinforcements that would randomly emerge from the various mausoleums on the board.

Just as well as the Empire came packing Loonarks and other weird stuff !

We won initiative, and cast a spell to push a bunch of skeletons across the table to get down the enemy’s gun line ASAP.

Which we followed up with more of our forces.

Doh, we had hoped to get into combat with the Witch Hunter again, but failed.

Quelle suprise.


We engaged the enemy, not with great success.

Well this should be an easy win, shirley ?

Don’t call be Shirley !

All out war !

Reinforcements arrived for both sides as we clashed in a mass combat.

Somehow skeletons versus heavily armoured mounted knights, is not a fair fight…

Eventually the Vampire Counts were defeated, which we suspect was the intended outcome of the campaign.

Bar a few silly mistakes, the dice and scenarios were against us.

What also didn’t help was Gav and I not being au fiat with the Undead rules. C’est la vie.

Important thing was we had a good time.

Xmashammer 2016 – The Hidden Necropolis

Third scenario, and I was playing.

Very few photos, as I was again catering, which is a major distraction from actually playing.

Again small forces deployed, to fight over a ruined house.

One Mortis Engine, and five Hexwriths supported by a banshee and Cairn Wraith.

The Looney-Ark and various Empire moved forward straight through the cemetery – as ever the WHFB rules don’t seem to make any difference moving over scenery. (Hmm, what is that call…Oldhammer ? Sanity ??)

WE finally clashed along the wall and the Hexwraiths were shot down by gunners before the Mortis engine was destroyed.

Quite a short game, the dice were not with us.

This meant the White Wizards would join up with the other Empire forces in the fourth and final scenario…

FG: The Complex Temple (again)

Now this was a scenario that Holbron Toddlebrew had not taken part in, luckily as the previous running of this scenario had resulted in some trembly lower lip from JP when he had lost a Captain and a Thug fighting against the inanimate pillars.

Jim and I reorganised the table and nominated the 6 statues, 3 three outside the central Weathertop scenery piece, and three within.

So Holbron set up ready to aim for two pillars he would personally attack (lots of XP !)

He decided to take a few minions with him to hand the treasure on to.

Just as well – after inevitably losing the first initiative roll, his minion archer died first shot by a bone dart from…

…the Insidious Doozelbat who rolled a 20 on the to hit roll…

But that didn’t stop Holbron from moving up and attacking the first pillar and getting the treasure.

Dppzelbat tried to retrieve the treasure by summoning an Imp, only for Holbron to use the Push spell to get rid of that nuisance. Oh, and we already had Fleet Feet running on Holkbron just to hasten things along.

Faster than a speeding snail, one of Doozelbat’s minions attacked a lump of rock to try and get some treasure, and was there 4 rounds later. Meanwhile Fido raced past him in a vain effort to eviscerate Doozelbat’s sidekick, only to be turned to the dark side (Yes, Fido, I am YOUR FATHER…no wonder Doozelbat is unpopular even amongst the wenches).

Meanwhile, Holbron sent thugs into the centre of the board to get some more treasure, with the first Thug being successful, but the Captain less so.

Passing the buck$…
Apothecaries are great for a starting warband as they come with effectively a free healing potion every game. pLus they are another pair of hands to shift treasure.

Pillar two defeated by himself !

Not only did the Captain not defeat the pillar properly she got jumped by one kid the enemy. Fortunately, my Apprentice managed to push another minion back preventing a multiple combat.

Push, a much forgotten spell I’d just rediscovered.

But it wasn’t gpood enough because…

Doozelbat appeared and bone darted her, despite me using a Drain Power spell.

Doozelbat was sent packing with a other Push spell, before my Apprentice Gideon went to try and pick up the treasure and paid for it with his life.

Better late than never, Doozelbat’s minion finally defeated a lump of rock, and got the treasure.

A fairly even game.

FG: The Well of Dreams & Sorrows (revisited)

Byakhees Alan and Jim came round for another Frostgrave bash. I chose the first scenario to be the Well of Dreams & Sorrows. Previously playing this with JP at a very early stage, Hiolbron had bottled out of trying to get to the well for the 50XP bonus. This time I was determined to make it !

I also determined to sue the Weathertop resin scenery from Forgeworld so dusted that off, and added the LOTR mirror of Galadriel for the well.

I deployed in two large groups to get some treasure and target the well.

Doozelbat (Jim) deployed to my flank, and Rinsesoap (Alan) on my other, so it was inevitable I would be squeezed between the two of them.

Doozelbat’s foul minions picked up some treasure first, and provoked a wandering monster roll – 4 skeletons popped up behind Rinseosap’s warband.

Meanwhile my thug had got to the treasure only for one of Soaprinses’ Kngiths pounced, and goat beaten thanks to an Elemental Hammer spell cast on his club.

Doozelbat had dropped my Captain, and sent his minions to swarm my Apprentice and meat shields as we had acquired a treasure. (Bear, Knight & Zombie)

casualties were taken on both sides – including my Apprentice.

I had more luck against Rinsesoap though – he got zapped by an archer of mine.

meanwhile his apprentice was using telekenisis to lift the treasure out of Doozelbat’s foul grasp, and then used a bear to block off pursuit.

Holbron got to the well and looked into it as to his fate…

Which came rather sooner than expected courtesy of a bone dart…

after about 4 rounds of shooting the bear finally succumbed, but by then Rinsesoap’s apprentice and minions were far away.

So two wizards out of action, and an apprentice down.

We discussed briefly whether a warband would bolt it when both their Wizard and Apprentice were gone, so that’ll be something to discuss later, maybe as a house rule.