FG: Field Study

The second scenario of the Hunt the Golem campaign JP & I played.

The scenario was that the wizards had hunted down the Golem, and needed to study it.

It was a Large Construct, and would attack anyone in LOS and within 10″.

Now at this point, I have to point out I’d not printed out Lady K’s warband details, and had brought my laptop instead…only to realise I had not brought the USB stick with the spreadsheet on so I’d been going from memory.

JP won the dice on choosing sides, so I set up opposite, immediately spotting that (a) the Golem was closer to me than him, and (b) all the treasure chests were in LOS and within 10″ of the Golem.

I did manage to lure one of his thieves into the open with a Fools Gold treasure chest, with Thaddeus close in tow, who used an Invisibility potion.

So i was left pondering did Lady K have an Invisibility potion ? As I couldn’t remember, I couldn’t use it.

Having also lost Initiative, when I did move my Rangers forward to pick up the closest treasure chest, it immediately caused a random creature to turn up.
Behind me.An Imp. No big deal but I had to dispatch the Captain to deal with it.

I had hoped the wall would have blocked LOS to my Ranger, so on a 50/50 roll, guess what..it didn’t so the Golem charged in to combat. Now the aim of the game was to get your wizard within 10″ to study the beast, and if you killed it, no XP for any spell caster…

I’d pushed my Apprentice forward, with a war hound. Oh look, JP’s war hound Fluffy VI, with a Barbarian leapt in in support, and just for good measure, my war hound was subjected to Mind Control.

Fantastic, “we’re in a load of shit now”.

So Lady K took a peek at the Golem by teleporting in before scuttling for cover, only to find her Rangers being knocked about by the war hound(s).

I’d hoped to pick up some treasure on the other side of the table, but (a) failing my personal “Spot Treasure” roll, followed by the advance of Thaddeus’ Captain and Knight, thought better of it, picked up the now observed treasure and headed for the hills.

As did Lady K. Whilst her minions were cut down, and one Ranger was also subjected to Mind Control – the Ranger with one of the treasure chests of course so that went into the greedy paws of Thaddeus.

Oh great, my Ranger having had Elemental Hammer cast on his weapon, actually destroys the Golem – so campaign is over and as per the scenario rules no XP for either Wizard.
This gets better.

For the final insult, the collection of treasure spawned another random creature – or in fact TWO wolves right behind me. The Captain dealt with both of them, the only character I had that gained XP for this game.

Schadenfreude: JP’s marksman became cat food for a wandering Snow Leopard.

Two dead Rangers and very little to show for it.

Must remember to bring my spreadsheet next time, as Lady K did have a potion of Invisibility, and more annoyingly also had Telekenisis which would have helped shif the treasure towards me.

Ho hum !

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