FG: The Attack Site (Part 2)

Jo had been reading my bat reps, and had picked up the Mind Control spell, and used it on the bear, heading it toward my minions, and of course the wall faded away.

But as one wall went down, another went up ! Thadeus’ barbarian had found the Golem Notes, and stuffed them in his loincloth (where he also kept something also small…).
So intent on getting the notes the Apprentice was moved to create a new wall cutting the barbarian off from escape.

And so I sent in my Treasure hunter and Ranger, only for the barbarian to trash both of them !

(Wall removed for dramatic purposes)
This left my Captain and the pushed back treasure hunter to deal with the thieving barbarian.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, a boar turned up preventing an easy escape for one of Thaddeus’ minions.

Thaddeus’ barbarian drank a potion of leaping, and escaped my trap !

Cursing the low life, Lady K’s warband decided to make a decent orderly retreat.

The bear jumped one of my Rangers who had been limping off the board with a treasure chest. The Captain was then sent in, and the bear was defeated.

but then Thaddeus used the Mind Control spell to control the Captain, only for Lady K to Dispel it.

..just as the Blue Knight went in to the fray, and who was then defeated.

And the game ended with my Ranger finally putting down he invincible zombie, after some 6 turns of combat !

Overall, we both left the board with 4 treasures each, though one of JP’s was the Golem Papers, so overall a marginal victory for Thaddeus IMHO.

So Lady K was on a mission to catch up with this Golem…

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