FG: The Attack Site (Part 1)

A visit to price Towers on Friday, and we agreed to start the Hunt for the Golem campaign – three scenarios. JP had the digital download and I didn’t so I was going in blind. I decided that I’d play Lady Katherine, as an Enchanter she should be working up to making and animating a Construct so it fitted with her narrative to go hunting a real live construct – a Golem.

JP has been busy with mdf scenery and now has an impressive board to set up. Very chilly.

Hunting for the rogue Golem, the war bands stumble on a site of carnage, with body parts in piles everywhere, so they say about investigating, to see what if anything the corpses can tell them about the Golem.

JP fielded the thrice cursed Thaddeus and his warband.

lady K teleported to one of the grisly sets of remains only for it to arise from the dead as a zombie ! Soon dealt with, as Lady K now has a =2 Magic Sword…

And my treasure hunter did the same, and again found a zombie. Whilst not defeating the zombie the treasure hunter defeated it in combat and used it off the pillar. Little did either player realise, this zombie would hang around as an invincible blast from the past the entire game tying up two of my models (and two out of 11 is a lot !)

Luckily, whilst i was distracted, a wandering bear turned up and took on two of Jp’s gang.

teleporting to the next treasure Lady K, was looking for some papers rumoured to contain secrets as to how to make this rogue Golem. Alas, all it was was another very rich victim (treasure chest).

Lady K’s Apprentice cast a Wall to protect the minions, and JP sent a thief who had used an invisibility potion to secure one of his treasures.

Behind the wall, a Ranger wades in to help the treasure hunter against the invincible zombie…with precious little result…

My owes were mirrored by the bear mauling to death JP’s Captain.

To be cont’d…

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