FG: The Genie in the Bottle

The second game of the day. I’d played this before with JP, but on that occasion, no Genie turned up.

This time I was deploying Lady Katherine (a change of tune for me).

I managed to cast a Reveal Secret spell, so had a treasure chest right in front of me.

The good Lady Teleported up to the entrance to the building – my minions ignored the chest in front of us to try and get to the other chests of treasure to maximise returns.

With the pesky Marksman Doozelbat had and a clear line of sight to one of the treasure chests, I had to deploy the inevitable Wall spell, allowing my archer to rush forward to collect it.

My Apprentice (BoB, short for Kate tom avoid confusion with Lady Katherine) moved off, leaving the archer to pick up the treasure chest and BING ! Yup, the `Genie turned up. So at this point it was an “Oh Bugger” moment as I fully expected the Genie to slay the archer.

Nice the Apothecary went to pick up the treasure on the half landing of the tips and POOF ! It disappeared – Fools Gold. Not happy !!

A Ranger had caught jump with Lady K, and went into combat with Barry the Bear who had climbed up to the edge of the first storey. The Ranger injured but did not kill the bear despite an Elemental Hammer being cast. So Lady K then had to wade in. (The bear, undercoated black is rather difficult to see in this photo)

Doozelbat’s Marksman took aim waiting for the combat to end in order to pick off Lady K, only to find that a Zombie triggered was lurching towards him.

meanwhile, top my surprise, my archer defeated the Genie – a magical dagger and a good roll were enough. Yes, as an Enchanter Lady K has buffed most of her minions with either magical weapons or armour.

My war hound dashed out to attack the K-Niggit, Jim rolled a 1 despite breaking open a new pack of dice to see if they were any luckier than his other ones. So the K-Niggit was wounded. Of course it didn’t last and the war hound was defeated the next round.

Doozelbat summoned an Imp behind my lines. As a result, I had to use a Push spell to move my Apothecary with treasure out of harm’s way.

Barry the bear defeated the Ranger, but was in turn slain by Lady K.

Lady K then picked up the treasure and made a break for it using teleport again. To land an inch away from the board edge, only to be struck down by Doozelbat with another roll of 20.

One of my treasure hunters was downed, and the second stepped in. But there were too many dozy minions loitering with intent to the away my treasure. So I sent the Captain in, as it happened taking on Doozelbat’s Apprentice.

Allowing the treasure hunter to escape.

Doozelbat’s Apprentice was struck down and apparently lost ~1,000GC worth of magic items.
How tragic.

So a qualified win for me.

I got away with three ordinary treasure chests, plus the fourth which was the one the Genie emerged from worth 300GC.

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