FG: The Wyrm Hunts

Another gaming session, with Byakhee Jim, who has been busy organising his collection of miniatures having been bitten by the frost grave bug (and being unattended for a w/e by any responsible adult).

Table set up as normal.

The Wyrm, being a Citadel/Ral Partha Jabberwocky repaired by Richard, and hurriedly based by me on the day – propped up some bottles of dreadful concoctions for flavouring coffee Jim had brought with him (no they weren’t alcoholic shots).

My Apprentice (Gideon) and supporting models raced towards a treasure chest.

Whilst Holbron Toddlebrew raced towards another, only for another archer to be struck down in the first turn with a natural 20 by Doozelbat’s apprentice.

The second archer seized the treasure whilst Hoblron took cover. The Treasure Hunter was sent forth to…hunt for treasure…

Doozelbat sent in a Possessed souped up knight, only to encounter Nice the Apothecary and the Captain, who promptly killed the Knight.

Unfortunately, skeletons turned up behind me !

Doozelbat displayed his leadership qualities, by hiding.

So far so good – UNTIL – Holbron was cut down by archers !
Losing your wizard early in the game reduces XP count and seriously cramps your style, even if you keep winning initiative as I did.

The Treasure Hunter closed in a treasure chest – only it turned out to be Fools Gold, leaving her standing in a shooting gallery. This time, Doozelbats Dozy minions failed to hit once.

But the Dozy minions had secured another treasure chest, which they raced to get off the board, only to find a Bear had turned up with an interest in matters.

Emboldened by success Doozelbat came out to try and bone dart one of my minions, failed and then was shot by Borin Hood the ranger – now both sides lacked their Wizard.

Carnage mounted – Nice the Apothecary went down to another Marksman quarrel.

And despite being pushed back by my Apprentice Gideon, Barry the Bear put Borin the Hood.

Mob Treasure Hunter tried to avoid the shooting gallery by moving in towards one of the dozy minions, won combat, and then got cut down.

I had two treasure chests off the table by now, the Cpatain had collected a third and it didn’t look like I’d get a fourth, so I backed off, only for the Bear which Doozelbats Apprentice had gained mastery of (Control Animal) tracked Gideon across the table and pounced, just at the same time the two remaining skeletons turned round and charged into combat in a three way melee (we chose to have one Skeleton against each of our models)

Finally the Wyrm/Jabberwocky turned up next two the last unclaimed treasure which Jim had been referring to as a ticking time bomb.

And charged Doozelbat’s Marksman. Who won combat and disengaged.

Allowing the apprentice to bone dart the creature to death !

Meanwhile, the bear had destroyed a skeleton, then my Gideon killed the bear, and then the skeleton, before making a quick escape !

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