FG: The Well of Dreams & Sorrows (revisited)

Byakhees Alan and Jim came round for another Frostgrave bash. I chose the first scenario to be the Well of Dreams & Sorrows. Previously playing this with JP at a very early stage, Hiolbron had bottled out of trying to get to the well for the 50XP bonus. This time I was determined to make it !

I also determined to sue the Weathertop resin scenery from Forgeworld so dusted that off, and added the LOTR mirror of Galadriel for the well.

I deployed in two large groups to get some treasure and target the well.

Doozelbat (Jim) deployed to my flank, and Rinsesoap (Alan) on my other, so it was inevitable I would be squeezed between the two of them.

Doozelbat’s foul minions picked up some treasure first, and provoked a wandering monster roll – 4 skeletons popped up behind Rinseosap’s warband.

Meanwhile my thug had got to the treasure only for one of Soaprinses’ Kngiths pounced, and goat beaten thanks to an Elemental Hammer spell cast on his club.

Doozelbat had dropped my Captain, and sent his minions to swarm my Apprentice and meat shields as we had acquired a treasure. (Bear, Knight & Zombie)

casualties were taken on both sides – including my Apprentice.

I had more luck against Rinsesoap though – he got zapped by an archer of mine.

meanwhile his apprentice was using telekenisis to lift the treasure out of Doozelbat’s foul grasp, and then used a bear to block off pursuit.

Holbron got to the well and looked into it as to his fate…

Which came rather sooner than expected courtesy of a bone dart…

after about 4 rounds of shooting the bear finally succumbed, but by then Rinsesoap’s apprentice and minions were far away.

So two wizards out of action, and an apprentice down.

We discussed briefly whether a warband would bolt it when both their Wizard and Apprentice were gone, so that’ll be something to discuss later, maybe as a house rule.

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  1. Awesome! Love the terrain

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