FG: A Four Way battle of newbies

Well I had four people round for a games session last Saturday, Byakhees Alan, Gavin, Jim and JP.

Alan has played a couple of games, Jim a few more, Gavin none and Jp a lot but he chose one of his lower level Wizards to play. With catering duties and mentoring Gavin I stayed out of the game, plus a five way battle simply wouldn’t work.

Gavin had opted for an Elementalist wizard so I’d done up his war band for him.

Rinsesoap Washbag
Clumpor McGillycaddy

Copernicus Cadmium
Barleymcgee Trump

Hexxenmeister Doozelbat
Berty McBert Face

Mother Goosegog
Bess (a young crone)

Indeed, a range of …inspiring…names…

WE, or they, were playing the Huanted Houses scenario. Rinsesoap used the Telekenesis spell to lift a treasure chest out of the first hut, triggering a Wraith to appear, who promptly attacked one of Doozelbat’s minions ! Very clever use of a spell, which Alan’s wizard used time and again.

Cadmium’s forces rushed forward, only to find their treasure was a Fool’s Gold, cast by Doozlebat ! So despite careful use of a wall to cover their foray they had to venture towards Mother Goosegog’s crew to get their loot.

Worse than that, another vengeful Wraith appeared, luckily an enchanted weapon allowed Cadmium’s thug fend off the creature.

On the other side of the table, Doozelbat and Goosegog’s minion duked it out.

Whilst Rinsesoap’s minions scarpered with another treasure !

the Wraith continued stalking through the ruins after Doozelbat’s thugs…

Despite a well placed Fog spell, Cadmium and crew burst through and caught Goosegog’s Apprentice who got zapped with an Elemental Bolt, and her Knight went down to a mob of thugs, allowing Cadmium to escape with a treasure chest.

the game was over, with Rinsesoap coming off best with 3 treasures, and one apiece for the other participants.

Next game to follow

(NB: Two more games of Warhammer are also due, been busy !)

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