Xmashammer 2016 – The Midnight Hunt

The second scenario, played in the late afternoon and evening.

Anthony & Jim continued with their role as Empire players, with Gavin, Richard and then me as the Vampire Counts generals.

So late on in the day, I came in to play an army I had no clue on !

This time the armies were slightly larger, but the Vampires were on the defensive.

The Vargheists were hidden behind the woods, which as we now know don’t even block line of sight – yeah, a WHFB “thing”.

The Empire chose to situate their cannon in the tower.

The dire wolves were sent round the flank to gobble up the Empire hand gunners, which proved a futile idea as they can’t double move and don’t count as fast cavalry, so limped around until the last moment before being shot to pieces.

The Empire approaches with their Heavy Cavalry and chariot nonsense.

The Vampire army prepares to receive the inevitable charge

And the other wing of the army prepares for the flagellants who can cross the fence without penalty (a WHFB “thing”), at least Manfred was able to goad them into double move along with the Vargheists who were thought to be wimps.

Zombies vs Flagellants – no contest really, more like a speed bump.

The Ghoulies charged into the Knights who had suffered wounds already from a slightly better magic phase.

And they were supported by Manfred and the Vargheists, along with a few hex spells.

Empire reinforcements and more Skeletons joined the swirling melee.

Resulting in a Vampire counts win in combat, which turned out to be a physic victory (see below). The Vargheists pursued and wiped out the fleeing knights.

Only for the flagellants to wipe out the Zombies and charge Manfred in the rear, along with the Empire troops doing the same to the skeletons.

My mistake !

I should have pursued with Manfred to get him out of the way. I did not need to kill the Empire Theogonist.

As a result, I lost combat, with the Undead rule that I did not think applied to Vampires (DOH!) Manfred died, and as general the entire army became unstable and we had to throw in the towel.

On to the third scenario…

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