Jobb’a the Huts

I finished the huts off for the Frostgrave scenario Haunted Houses, and have finally photo’d them.

Yup six pringle tube ends.

I’d originally intended to paint some of them cream to vary the colour but was running out of paint before Xmas, so painted them grey but with the blocks of stonework picked out in Foiundry Granite as a compromise.

I got time to start on the Wizard’s tower scenery as well before running out of black undercoat before Xmasday. So here is the first half tower. The ladders are made from bamboo skewer and balsa woods painted a different colour brown (Spearshaft) to help them stand out from the grey and brown.

All of the buildings have the usual dolls house stonework on the ground floor.

Hopefully some pixies of figures (remember them ?) tomorrow as I clear the decks for Xmashammer 2017.

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