Winston the Ogre – Peter Vaughan

Yet another great actor dies – Peter Vaughan.

Whilst best known as Harry “Genial” Grouty in Porridge, he also appeared in a number of great films including Brazil, and The Time Bandits.

A great film and very appropriate for those of us who like Fantasy war games, and I am absolutely sure, his character in no way inspired a certain Citadel Ogre figure…

Winston the Ogre: There used to be a time when you could be sure of catching old boots, cans, hat racks, boxes. Now it’s prawns all the bloody time.

I feel that I must name my next Ogre character/hired hand after him.

[the Ogres have caught the Time Bandits and Kevin in their fishing net]
Mrs. Ogre: Aren’t they lovely? We can have them for breakfast.
Winston the Ogre: You mean eat their boots?

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