FG: The Complex Temple

After the previous marathon game, the clock was ticking as I had to go home, but JP and I having now got the hang of the rules are able to speed things along.

Six pillars were set up on a slightly altered table. Each one as per the scenario contains treasure, but must be fought before they release them.

Thaddeus (who ids EVIL, and must be destroyed) having recruited new staff following his rather rough experience in The Library set up. I wasn’t sure by the way he set up as to whether Thaddeus was actually going to go for a pillar in person.

Having just upped Lady Catherine’s Fight score, I decided to chance a fight against an inanimate object.

I’d cast reveal Secret and Fools Gold, so added two ordinary treasure chests to the table, and decided to let the Rangers go for them with the Captain.

As usual, I lost initiative and JP won, so he charged in to the nearest pillar with three characters and initiated combat.

The pillars have a fight of 0….so whilst JP rolled for his minions, I rolled for the pillar, and rolled a natural 20. Goodbye to the first minion !

So, the Captain initiated combat. Oh dear, I rolled another natural 20.
I couldn’t believe it having not rolled a 20 in the previous game, so simply walked away from the dice and told JP he might need to take a look at what I’d rolled but he wouldn’t be happy.

Goodbye Captain.

So first turn, tow models out of action and the dog couldn’t take the treasure.

So it was with some trepidation I sent Lady Catherine in to combat (supported by an archer), luckily the dice were not with JP, and I won the combat and got the treasure.

Next turn, Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed), reached the pillar in the centre of the table, but let the new Barbarian deal with it with success.

I then had my apprentice drop a wall behind the two of them to try and cut them off from the rest of the war band and their avenue of escape. A cunning plan I thought.

But my cunning plan was foiled ! Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) had learnt the Spell Eater…spell…So the wall popped out of existence !!

And for my trouble, JP’s apprentice conjured up an Imp. Luckily my Captain was on hand and promptly dispatched it back to whence it came.

However, Thaddeus’ puppy killers shot down my war hound.

As the rest of Thaddeus’ war band got out of Dodge city, the war hound was cornered with more well placed wall to prevent escape so my Captain could down it – his first attempt had failed so he had to restore honour !

The game ended quickly, and I escaped with only the war hound as a casualty, and four treasures.

Another great game.

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