Frostgrave: The Library Part 2

With the walls in the centre of the table vanishing, the war bands pressed in to hand to hand combat.

Well except for Lady Catherine who opted for NOT fighting a Greater Demon, who hastily called up a new Wall and backed away with a henchman with another treasure chest.

Leaving her minions (morcueax) to actually deal with the enemy. henchmen in Frostgrave don’t even get names really.

The Greater Demon moved in, and finally defeated an archer, but my Captain held out for some time, until getting zapped by a Blinding Light spell, even so, he still managed to fend off Thadeus’ Captain !

Whilst to JP’s embarrassment the Blue Knight managed to get defeated by another of my archers – the dice were with me and against JP !

With the bear behind…them…Thaddeus’ war band headed for a different exit off of the board, only for Lady Catherine to drop another wall right over the exit ! This was very nasty of me, but hey, all is fair in love and Frostgrave !

Shaking off the Blinding Light, my Captain, in conjunction with the wounded Archer, defeated the Greater Demon.

At this point I had been getting my minions off the table ASAP, but both Lady Catherine and her Apprentice decided to hang around and see what more mayhem they could create (and what more XP they could gain) with Thaddeus’ war band running around in tatters.

Unfortunately, whilst slaying Thaddeus’ Captain (who was EVIL and must be destroyed), the bear wondered toward my Captain !

The bear wandered straight on to my Captain’s magic sword. Oh how sad. Funnily enough there was some thong caught in the bear’s teeth. Must have belonged to a barbaric person. šŸ˜‰

Lady Catherine teleported herself to the front to support her Captain, whilst her Apprentice glued from the horn of healing. JP promptly had his apprentice summon an Imp…

And the Imp promptly perished at the Captain’s sword. The Archer ran for the exit now that the wall had vanished.

A second summoned Imp, was Pushed away, allowing Lady Catherine and the Captain to escape.

So Lady Catherine escaped with four treasure chests, one dead archer and one dead hound, and a shed load of XP.

On to the second game…

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