Frostgrave: The Library Part 1

A visit to Price Towers yesterday (Friday) for a couple of games. JP decided we’d do The Library from the main Frostgrave book.

JP has been busy carving outlets of scenery from various sources of foam.

I used Lady Catherine and her war band, again the rather flamboyant colour scheme stands out. We had to start within 6 inches of our respective entrances so we were bunched up closely. Again I managed to get off the “Reveal Secret” spell and added some more treasure chests to the table.

JP used Thaddeus’ war band (who are EVIL, and must be destroyed) and they had a Greater Demon (who was EVIL and must be destroyed).

The war bands rushed for the easy meat, but also decided to head for the treasure chest in the middle of the table – walls went up from both sides, trapping various figures behind and in front of them.

So I sent some of my lot round the side to support the main thrust.

Rich pickings.

Of course, this triggered a random monster event, a bear, which turned up behind JP’s lot, so he sent his Barbarian to the “bear behind”. (in joke)

Shots were exchanged with my archers doing well.

Alas, JP had to grin and bear it, as his Barbarian was downed by the bear, which rather disrupted his plans.

But when two walls in the middle of the table blinked out of existence, that changed the plans for both of us !

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