Following on from an earlier posting, and despite the flu, I managed to get some painting and scenery making done.

Having forced myself to eat Pringles, I started making the first of 6 huts I need for the Frost grave scenario “the Haunted Houses”.

The first one, I tried using masking tape as cheap stone blocks to enliven the walls, but the masonry paint covered them up too easily, so for the second side of the hut I simply cut up strips of the rest of the Pringles can and added them.

The door posts were balsa wood, so this was a very cheap item to make. I lined the floor with the usual dolls house flag stones.

I have another 5 to do, and seeing as it is rather boring grey I will probably do some different colours (cream, and then red sandstone) to enliven the table some more.

The figure is for scale purposes, but also because it was on my painting table – Nice the Apothecary – which I have almost finished reviving for the 21st century. She and three figures are being done up for a games session JP and I have planned for next Friday. All of them are classic Citadel figures from the mid to late 1980’s. Which is one of the nice things about Frostgrave (or indeed Mordheim) you can dig out the figures that have languished unloved, unused and unpainted for decades and get them into battle.

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  1. madcap says:

    Your huts look great. I never realized that Pringles cans are the perfect size for that application. I’ve been looking for cheap tower options for FrostGrave and I think you’ve solved my problem. I can see how using an Oatmeal box (the old style tube boxes)can make a much larger one in the same way. Your huts look great.

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