Fog Off

One of the other spells used in frost grave is a wall of fog. Byakhee Jon has used it repeatedly against me and others.

The benefits are that whilst it blocks line of sight it doesn’t impede movement, and is also less likely to disappear each round.

On the Lead Adsvenure Forum the use of Kapok was suggested, so wanting to get some fog markers ready for the inevitable, I went off to Hobbycraft. The usual stuffing for cushions and soft toys would have seemed ideal, except its obviously going to get damaged very very quickly. 😦

So I bought this foam slab for £4.

And chopped into the requisite 6×3′ slabs. Its a bit thicker than one inch (it’s 40mm) but figure that that won’t cause much of a problem and I can either shape it/carve it or to the 50/50 rule if its contentious.

Figures for scale purpose, one Apothecary being rebased, and one character model I’ve found. 😉

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