Frostgrave: There’s never enough treasure chests

For our second game on Saturday, Byakhe Jim and I played the scenario “The Mausoleum”. Chosen partly because I have the appropriate scenery, but also to try and get some “creatures” into the game so Jim got used to an additional phase of each turn…we had tried that in the previous game but frustratingly no creatures turned up !

Again I used my Garden of Morr scenery. Both of us rolled for the “Reveal Secret” spell, and again Jim rolled well and I didn’t.

I also decided to give Jim a bit of a hard time and used Lady Katherine’s war band – level 7 vs level 18. I have generally found a 10 level difference is not much of a problem due to the way Frostgrave works.

So we had the normal 6 treasure chests, plus the two extra and the illusion as well – I barely had enough treasure chests.

My Lady and her minions moved forward gaining one chest, before being jumped on by a Skeleton – the first time these models have been used probably since I painted them back at uni some 20 odd years ago !

The war hound helped by the Treasure Hunter saw that threat off.

Whilst Jim’s Zombie clashed with the skeleton and was locked in combat for a couple of rounds.

But, typically, picking jus the treasure triggered another skeleton turning up right behind me. In fact, two turned up and attacked both of my minions trying to carry off the treasure. In both cases I got lucky and defeated the skeletons in short order.

In the meantime, my war band moved in to the central square to retrieve the treasure WHICH WAS OBVIOUSLY MINE ANYWAY !

As more skeletons came out of the Mausoleum, my good Lady placed a wall in place, to prevent them getting to the treasure carriers who were also harassing my troops with more shots.

Jim’s wizard Doozlebat didn’t get off scot free though with a skeleton going for one of his troops.

My Captain got to a treasure chest and “poof” it disappeared leaving him out on a limb.

Meanwhile, Jim’s minions captured a treasure chest, and was running across the walkway before getting a Push spell causing him to fall to the ground and take enough damage to be downed.

Jim’s zombie lurches towards my now heavily laden minions.

before getting Pushed back, again.

I’d got bored of Wall spells !

In the end, I managed to get off with the majority of the treasure as Doozlebat’s forces caved in and ran away.

Overall another good game, minions were getting treasure off the table with no problem despite being played on a 4×4′ table which is a bit bigger than advised.

If both of us had rolled well we would have had 10 treasure chests on the table which would have been too many for me to field, and also would become problematic for placing them 6″ apart.

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