Frostgrave: Another brick in the wall

So Byakhee Rich and I counted our lott, cackled gleefully and spent money on new efforts at world conquest. And then had a second game. Again it was the KISS as Rich learned the game, and I reminded myself of the rules and got into the spirit of frost grave – more of which later.

Now, when we set up, I did a roll for an out of game spell, and lo, there was a seventh treasure token on the table !

We chose a different set of sides this time to vary the game without having to rebuild the table’s scenery.

Shielded by the archway building, and having won initiative, Rich opted for an upfront charge for the treasure, including the treasure on the altar at the centre of the table.

BUT, when getting there and attempting to pick up the treasure, it disappeared like a cheshire cat’s smile….Yup, that sneaky out of game spell, I;’ll let readers work out which spell that was (and remember: Points mean prizes).

Under fire, Rich retreated, but his archers loitered in nearby buildings, so I shut down their lines of sight with….another Wall spell to much gnashing and wailing of teeth by Rich’s Necromancer (who is evil and must be destroyed).

He did however summon a zombie and send it to fight one of my archers.

Rich had failed to get off a couple of spells, and decided enough was enough and decided to get out of dodge…

Whilst I cleared up getting the treasure high up on the third floor of the building.

So whilst Frostgrave doesn’t have specific rules for “winning”, I came of very well from this game.

A few well placed spells helped out and by targeting the right treasure Lady Elizabeth is now a 10th level wizard.

We had a few queries about out of game spells which we’ve now resolved using the FAQ/Erratta on LAF.

Rich commented that, yes he would need to revise his spells (maybe for a new war band), much as I found after a few games with my first Wizard’s war band.

I also felt I’ve now got the hang of frost grave, which though superficially similar to Mordheim, has many many more links to RPGs and a much stronger campaign element.

Ho hum, next week sees a game with JP and Alan hopefully, so we shall see if my new ethos stands up to scrutiny by other wear bands !

Look – Squirrel !

An oft used tactic by climate change deniers is to make a completely spurious and off topic claim after their initial assertion has been shown to be a steaming pile of s h 1 t.

This is known as the Look – Squirrel argument.

This morning however, I had the opposite when BlackJack turned up after a night out on the tiles, with a squirrel.

He was very very pleased with himself.

It was almost too big for him, and he didn’t exactly know what to do with it, and refused to hand it over to me for my breakfast, but he was very pleased with himself.

So he had a hard sleep on the landing blanket.

Frostgrave: Breaking them in

Byakhee Rich got the Frostgrave rulebook and so for my abrf day decided to have his first game.

I also used it as a sort of text for my second war band under the Lady Elizabeth to see if the difference between Wizards’ level experience would make a huge difference.

As usual it was using my Mordheim terrain, and we set up as usual with 6 treasure tokens we placed. Rich’s war band was led by a necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed).

As usual, he’d expected his war band would not be balanced or competitive which is what i found with my first war band.

So we set up, and got going. BTW, Lady Elizabeth was only level 2 – an Enchanter.

Having learnt from JP’s wizard (who is evil, and must be destroyed), one spell I had was Wall, a very useful but insanely annoying spell. So after Rich’s scum got to the treasure on the central altar first (yes my initiative rolls were dire), I plonked a wall in place to prevent them escaping with the loot.

Ok, a wall…errrmmm did scenery boy have a wall ? Nope. So I made one very quickly out of the pizza box. Which as Rich pointed out was appropriately “Stonebaked”.

The more aesthetically pleasing side !

Resulting in a to-do between the war bands. The Gorilla-Bear (a long story) was killed) but then I put a wolf out and one of the warriors. Intent on pursuing my prey…

I chased up with my archer, only for him to get decked by Rich’s treasure toting warrior.

Whilst a good LOS allowed Rich’s necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed) to fire a bone dart at my thug carrying the treasure. Even worse, my Apprentice managed to attract a swarm of flies courtesy of the Necromancer’s Apprentice.

So I fixed this problem by casting another Wall spell.

So my Apprentice confidently stepped out, picked up the treasure…only for the second wall to disappear, and for him to get an arrow in the back.

By now I was severely depleted in numbers, and hauled the treasure off the table in order to live to fight another day.

So a level 2 wizard, does not grossly outrank a level 0 wizard.

Second game to follow.

Film: Jurassic World

As well as renovating ruins, I’ve being busy with other media, including Jurassic World.

Now, I’d liked the first couple of films in this franchise, so waited for the DVD to be cheap before buying just in case it was on its last legs.


I was right.

Quite simply this is film making by numbers, suitable for writers, directors and producers age 8-12.

It takes the plot elements of the previous films and mashes them up in the hope that the same stuff will work again. Sorry, NO. Films don’t work like that. Films require originality.

The closest this film gets to originality is to the idea that the public is jaded by the ordinary dinosaurs and need ever greater thrills. Which is ironic, because audiences probably are jaded by ever extravagant CGI effects, but the hybrid dinosaur is simply rubbish.

After claiming it had been bred, and nurtured in isolation, we are expected all of a sudden it can communicate and socialise with its genetic forebears (the velicoraptors). Duh ?

Well if the dinosaurs were souless CGI creations, the human actors are souless ciphers. The two brats, sorry kids, that attempt to mirror the first films endearing points fail utterly. Spoilt, self centred and utterly irrelevant they go off on a wholly unnecessary gyro ball ride that is simply an excuse for more boring CGI.

Their Aunt, and hapless sidekick are also caricatures, and the supposed slow burn romance between said Aunt and dinosaur whisperer whose name went in one ear and out the other, is as predictable as unlikely as could be expected. But lets tick all those plot points for some Hollywood executives.

Basically, this film is like a buzzword bingo game played using a film company’s corporate mission statement.

Next up, The Walking Dead Season 6, which will be a bit more interesting review….

Mordheim: Altar

Another item built back c2001 and never properly finished off – a great big Altar. I use this as a centre piece for a town square or such like, suitably desecrated by the forces of Chaos and Evil.

All very grey !

So I set about renovating it with some colour and spruced it up with an Orc’s skull to replace an ordinary skull that had come off.

It was built from a simple thick card base, with two 3mm slabs of foam board suitably weathered, and then the altar itself on top. Paving slabs were the usual cereal/pizza card box cut to shape.

The entire edifice was then decorated with off cuts from GW Zombie, Skeleton and Skaven sprue.I made a deliberate effort to do a lot of highlighting and washes, again to make the piece seem a bit more colourful than the grey dull version it had been.

Mordheim: Arches

Inspired by a piece of scenery Nigel Stillman did back in an edition of Town Cryer, I made this piece of scenery some 15 years ago.

As you can see, I got as far as undercoating it. In fact, this represents a partial renovation, as I’d actually used the old polyfilla paint to seal it in and this had got chipped over the 15 years, so I coated it all in PVA and then undercoated it again.

So here it is with the full paint job.

The arches are three inches high which means this scenery piece is at a different level to most of the other ruins, further breaking up the vertical levels, and by having the arches, disrupting LOS on the horizontal as well.


yes, it’s been a month with no updates, because I have been busy with many things, however, Blackjack has been keeping an eye on things as you can see.

In between some HARD sleeping.

Whilst I have been re-organising my figures and right sizing the lead mountain range.

With some help, of course.

And then there has been the continued renovation of Mordheim terrain as I have lured some of the Byakhees into Frostgrave.

So, I’m now busy emptying Louis’ memory card and will do some updates ASAP.