Frostgrave: Another brick in the wall

So Byakhee Rich and I counted our lott, cackled gleefully and spent money on new efforts at world conquest. And then had a second game. Again it was the KISS as Rich learned the game, and I reminded myself of the rules and got into the spirit of frost grave – more of which later.

Now, when we set up, I did a roll for an out of game spell, and lo, there was a seventh treasure token on the table !

We chose a different set of sides this time to vary the game without having to rebuild the table’s scenery.

Shielded by the archway building, and having won initiative, Rich opted for an upfront charge for the treasure, including the treasure on the altar at the centre of the table.

BUT, when getting there and attempting to pick up the treasure, it disappeared like a cheshire cat’s smile….Yup, that sneaky out of game spell, I;’ll let readers work out which spell that was (and remember: Points mean prizes).

Under fire, Rich retreated, but his archers loitered in nearby buildings, so I shut down their lines of sight with….another Wall spell to much gnashing and wailing of teeth by Rich’s Necromancer (who is evil and must be destroyed).

He did however summon a zombie and send it to fight one of my archers.

Rich had failed to get off a couple of spells, and decided enough was enough and decided to get out of dodge…

Whilst I cleared up getting the treasure high up on the third floor of the building.

So whilst Frostgrave doesn’t have specific rules for “winning”, I came of very well from this game.

A few well placed spells helped out and by targeting the right treasure Lady Elizabeth is now a 10th level wizard.

We had a few queries about out of game spells which we’ve now resolved using the FAQ/Erratta on LAF.

Rich commented that, yes he would need to revise his spells (maybe for a new war band), much as I found after a few games with my first Wizard’s war band.

I also felt I’ve now got the hang of frost grave, which though superficially similar to Mordheim, has many many more links to RPGs and a much stronger campaign element.

Ho hum, next week sees a game with JP and Alan hopefully, so we shall see if my new ethos stands up to scrutiny by other wear bands !

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  1. jp1885 says:

    Fool’s Gold eh? I’ll bear that in mind… 😀

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