Frostgrave: Breaking them in

Byakhee Rich got the Frostgrave rulebook and so for my abrf day decided to have his first game.

I also used it as a sort of text for my second war band under the Lady Elizabeth to see if the difference between Wizards’ level experience would make a huge difference.

As usual it was using my Mordheim terrain, and we set up as usual with 6 treasure tokens we placed. Rich’s war band was led by a necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed).

As usual, he’d expected his war band would not be balanced or competitive which is what i found with my first war band.

So we set up, and got going. BTW, Lady Elizabeth was only level 2 – an Enchanter.

Having learnt from JP’s wizard (who is evil, and must be destroyed), one spell I had was Wall, a very useful but insanely annoying spell. So after Rich’s scum got to the treasure on the central altar first (yes my initiative rolls were dire), I plonked a wall in place to prevent them escaping with the loot.

Ok, a wall…errrmmm did scenery boy have a wall ? Nope. So I made one very quickly out of the pizza box. Which as Rich pointed out was appropriately “Stonebaked”.

The more aesthetically pleasing side !

Resulting in a to-do between the war bands. The Gorilla-Bear (a long story) was killed) but then I put a wolf out and one of the warriors. Intent on pursuing my prey…

I chased up with my archer, only for him to get decked by Rich’s treasure toting warrior.

Whilst a good LOS allowed Rich’s necromancer (who is evil, and must be destroyed) to fire a bone dart at my thug carrying the treasure. Even worse, my Apprentice managed to attract a swarm of flies courtesy of the Necromancer’s Apprentice.

So I fixed this problem by casting another Wall spell.

So my Apprentice confidently stepped out, picked up the treasure…only for the second wall to disappear, and for him to get an arrow in the back.

By now I was severely depleted in numbers, and hauled the treasure off the table in order to live to fight another day.

So a level 2 wizard, does not grossly outrank a level 0 wizard.

Second game to follow.

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