Mordheim: Altar

Another item built back c2001 and never properly finished off – a great big Altar. I use this as a centre piece for a town square or such like, suitably desecrated by the forces of Chaos and Evil.

All very grey !

So I set about renovating it with some colour and spruced it up with an Orc’s skull to replace an ordinary skull that had come off.

It was built from a simple thick card base, with two 3mm slabs of foam board suitably weathered, and then the altar itself on top. Paving slabs were the usual cereal/pizza card box cut to shape.

The entire edifice was then decorated with off cuts from GW Zombie, Skeleton and Skaven sprue.I made a deliberate effort to do a lot of highlighting and washes, again to make the piece seem a bit more colourful than the grey dull version it had been.

3 Responses to Mordheim: Altar

  1. Fantastic. I want to know the story behind it hehe

    • No real story, just the need for a centrepiece, and a shed load of left over plastic parts from the shaven, zombie and skeleton sprue ! And the desire to make a really icky piece of scenery. I have subsequently drafted some scenarios revolving around cultists using it for some rite and the other war bands having to stop them etc….

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