Film: Jurassic World

As well as renovating ruins, I’ve being busy with other media, including Jurassic World.

Now, I’d liked the first couple of films in this franchise, so waited for the DVD to be cheap before buying just in case it was on its last legs.


I was right.

Quite simply this is film making by numbers, suitable for writers, directors and producers age 8-12.

It takes the plot elements of the previous films and mashes them up in the hope that the same stuff will work again. Sorry, NO. Films don’t work like that. Films require originality.

The closest this film gets to originality is to the idea that the public is jaded by the ordinary dinosaurs and need ever greater thrills. Which is ironic, because audiences probably are jaded by ever extravagant CGI effects, but the hybrid dinosaur is simply rubbish.

After claiming it had been bred, and nurtured in isolation, we are expected all of a sudden it can communicate and socialise with its genetic forebears (the velicoraptors). Duh ?

Well if the dinosaurs were souless CGI creations, the human actors are souless ciphers. The two brats, sorry kids, that attempt to mirror the first films endearing points fail utterly. Spoilt, self centred and utterly irrelevant they go off on a wholly unnecessary gyro ball ride that is simply an excuse for more boring CGI.

Their Aunt, and hapless sidekick are also caricatures, and the supposed slow burn romance between said Aunt and dinosaur whisperer whose name went in one ear and out the other, is as predictable as unlikely as could be expected. But lets tick all those plot points for some Hollywood executives.

Basically, this film is like a buzzword bingo game played using a film company’s corporate mission statement.

Next up, The Walking Dead Season 6, which will be a bit more interesting review….

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