Mordheim – Ongoing renovations of space & Gaudy Baubles

The second Mordheim ruin I was renovating is finished.

Originally seen here it was one I’d used polyfilla on to give texture.

But I wasn’t happy with merely touching the paint work up, I decided to go on a proper overhaul.

So Byakhee Rich provided some flaming braziers for the door, which itself was painted marble white, as was the second storey window, and the tiles were red rather than grey.

I then added some graffiti. I think most people know what AOS is. 😉

Part of the second floor flooring had become damaged and hung at an angle, but I left it like that deliberately.

I also added some paving outside the front of the house.

By coincidence, I was watching a certain show when i realised this ruin had ended up looking similar to one of the locations.

Points awarded for guessing which comedy I was watching.

Jack Dee: Points will be awarded, and what do points mean ?

Brucie bonus point for what show that comes from.

Whilst I was at it, I also finished off some more gaudy baubles.

4 Responses to Mordheim – Ongoing renovations of space & Gaudy Baubles

  1. Doug says:

    It’s from ISIHAC which I’ve been listening to since it started (round about the Norman Conquest).
    AOS, on the other hand? Not the slightest idea – must be a generation thing.


    • Well done Doug, and we here at “Just a Miniature” that we just love playing here, and across the globe loved your intervention so we’ll give you the bonus point, but I’m afraid you haven’t identified the comedy show I was watching, so under the rules of “Just a Miniature” it’s not hesitation, deviation, repetition or procrastination…so we’ll have to leave the game open as we do so love playing this game here and across the world….

      And Samantha tells me that she’s just going out to help clean top some aged Smegma from her latest gentleman who denies he is a Space Marine.

      – Nicholas “Lead Head” Parsons…..

  2. Sim123 says:


    • Correct !

      Sim1213 is this week’s winner of “Just a Miniature”, the games we love playing here, and across the globe.

      I’ll be sending Samantha round with some Oregano.


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