The first edition of Warhammer was announced under the tagline of “Let’s smash skulls !”, well as we all know, Skullz have somewhat taken over all the Warhammer armies and derivatives.

Digging out some scenery, I found some Skullz related scenery.

Three small piles of skulls, again on the Render bases.

Two larger charnel piles of skulls and bones.

And the final piece, which is made up of a pillar of skulls, with a gargoyle perched atop. The picture does not do the paint job of the gargoyle justice – its a metallic purple that I painted in order to make it stand out in amongst all the dull greys and browns of most of the rest of the Mordheim and Frostgrave terrain.

I had to give the purple metallic pot a good shake, it was one of the original Citadel mettalics I bought back in c1991, but the more colour the better in some of these scatter scenery pieces.

Obviously I have also have ideas for rules and scenarios as to how these items are used.

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