Yet more scenery

In-between firing parish clerks, having my car go up in smoke (fly wheel failed, burnt out clutch), I’ve been reorganising and “right sizing” my figure collection (AKA Lead Mountain Range).

As such a found an entire tray of very old Citadel (and others) dungeon scenery and small items of terrain. Like 25 treasure chests…

Some of these items were 80% complete and just needed updating a bit so in between cracking open dusty boxes, I’ve finished them off.


Sign post for Mordheim, gallows, campfire and pot, grave, and a small boggy pond. Always useful to have and often good for inspiring scenarios and acting as features to capture.


Another sign post, a manticore gargoyle on pillar and a mysterious candle on pillar.

Both of the later two items have already inspired me to write up some simple Mordheim/Frostgrave scenarios.

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