Scatter terrain items

Finger almost back to useable, tender but now healing. So finally got around to some painting of some scenery pieces.

One well with lion head fountain. has been kicking around for ages and was easily finished off.

Then I got clever…

I pored some GW water effect resin in to the pool.

Came down the next day, its still white not cured clear ! By the end of the day it still hadn’t cured so I was begining to fear the bottle had gone off and I’d have to take remedial action.

After 72 hours it was finally cured all through – I’d even been careful to not make it too deep as I know that causes problems.

A few grave stones / standing stone.

All these are resin peices picked up at shows years ago, and I’ve quite forgotten the manufacturers I’m afraid.

The middle grave stone has a quite Chthulhuesque design on it…

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