BoB: Studio Siberia Miniatures

In preparation for another BoB Big Game in June/July, and with a healthy Paypal balance, I splashed outn and bought some figures from Studio Siberia Miniatures that I had seen advertised on the Lead Adventure Forum.

I bought a unit of Kuban Cossack Plastun, with some extra bits and bobs including the command unit and HMG packs.

The package arrived today less than two weeks since ordering (I’ve had e-bay sales taking longer to get from the UK to France than that), and only one single bayonet had broken off.

The miniatures are well made, moulded, and look the part even unpainted, so now my challenge is to paint them in time for the next Big Game.

I’d taken a gamble on them as I knew of nobody who actually had got any of this range from this manufacturer. I’m glad I did take the risk as the service was excellent.

So, how do they match up with other BoB/RCW manufacturers ?

– Siberia
– Footsore/Musketeer WW1 Russian
– Siberia
– Copplestone
– Siberia

I would have added in a Brigade Games figure but couldn’t find an unpainted item this afternoon.

As you can see, the Siberi minis are slightly bigger than Footsore/Musketeer, and slightly smaller than Copplestone, so I’d say they’re about the size of Brigade Games, and totally compatible with all of these manufacturers.

Because they do grenade weilding figures, and interesting groups, I’d say go for it !

I already have my eye on the Women’s Death Battalion unit.

All in all A GOOD BUY.

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