Mordheim: Mercenary Ogre & Conversion

Here’s a couple of figures I did some time ago (back when I wasn’t whining about chopping myself up with potato peelers):

The basic Mordheim Ogre, now long OOP.

Complete with back pack, of a basket with the remains of a Skaven peeping out.

Came as a three piece kit sculpted by the Perry twins. Naturally, this gave rise to a coversion effort.

I replaced the two handed axe with Orc Choppa hands from WHFB 6th Ed plastics which fitted beautifully. ISTR this was something done in an edition of White Dwarf or Town Cryer.

I also replaced the back pack basket with items from Foundry’s General Purpose range and Darkest Africa range to give two totally different Ogres. Just dug the coversion out and restored the back pack, hence the posting.

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