Attack of the Potato

As a wargaming enthusiast I am regularly weidling knives, saws and other blades, doing DIY in the house and garden I have even bigger and more powerful tools (power drills !), but what should I suffer my worst injury to date from ?

Kartoffelkopf !
Yes, I managed to injure myself peeling potatoes last night.

I thought I’d gouged a bit out of the tip of my finger off and jury rigged a dressing to stop it bleeding, which worked sort of 6-10pm. At first I couldn’t get an appointment with a Nurse, so went to the Pharmasist who replaced the dressing (gauze) with a melonin dressing. I then went to the Co-Op to pick some food up, and promptly bled all over the checkout, and my purchases. Back home, and now bleeding profusely I arranged an immediate appointment with the Nurses. On examination they concluded I’d not just cut/gouged my finger, I’d actually sliced part of my finger tip off.

So after years of playinge with craft knives, I’ve done more damage to myself with a potato peeler ! 😦

Which is really annoying as I’d just got back my blogging mojo. These two items are near completion. A fancy fountain/well (resin unknown manufacturer); and a finger post (!) from the old GW Empire Farmhouse set IIRC.

In the background is one of two Mordheim ruins that are awaiting renovation.

Typical !

3 Responses to Attack of the Potato

  1. A J says:

    My sympathies! I managed to slice the top off my thumb earlier this year whilst washing up. A glass jar broke and did the foul deed. Luckily the wound healed up well, and I hope yours does too.

  2. Commissarmoody says:


  3. Thanks both, I’m going to have to buy a pressie for the ladies on the tills at Co-Op, it was fairly gruesome…

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