Frostgrave: 2016 05 01 First timer

Byakhee Jim and I had a short notice game of Frostgrave. I’d persuaded Jim to buy the book on the grounds he likes Mordheim, so he did (and at the same got me a copy).

So we had a short games session, which Anthony also turned up at and was impressed.

M<y usual Mordheim terrain stood in, and as Jim had not played, and I've only got about 5 games experience and was starting a new warband, we went for a simple head to head fight over loot scattered across the board.

My wizard (Lady Catherine) advanced into the central square, but with a meat shield/archer, and an apothecary in the hope ofn getting the treasure in the middle of the table. Low level thugs were despatched to seize other treasure chests.

With Jim doing pretty much the same tactics.

Whilst the thugs did well, I had a ishap, as Jim’s rolls for his archers went well.

However, I managed to injure his wizard (Hexanmetal Doozelbat), resulting in both of us beating a hasty retreat. Both of us were again pleased that despite the multiple wound count (Health), paperwork was minimal, so Jim will be back for more, and hopefully Anthony.

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