Frostgrave: The Mausoleum

Played back in February I think, a game with JP, complete with his frosty game mat.

I brought my Mordheim stuff, and also my Garden of Morr scenery which was appropriate.

Whilst I won virtually all of the Initiative rolls, the rest of my dice rolling was appalling. We had to move in, snatch the treasure and escape. Except skeletongs would emerge from the Mausoleum every round and attack the nearest victim.

JP’s dastardly lot move in as well.

I got the first loot, but then JP using his “Leap” spell, dumped the Blue Knight into the middle of the table.

Only for the skeleton to attack the knight, giving me an extra round to haul the loot away.

Whilst he sent some thieves round the flank, and my bowman couldn’t take them out.

Another skeleton pops out, and we have a three way battle.

My thug decked the skeleton but then got attacked by the Blue Knight, which did not end well.

Last man standing, complete wipe out, my run of poor luck at frostgrave continued. Still good fun.

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