Flippin’ Stand by

For the Big Games in the hall, I have to charge participants £10 per person in order to cover the hire of the village hall and the buffet lunch. As people inevitably drop out, I have to pad the budget so I’m not left out of pocket. Usually the excess money goes to charity (eg Help for Heroes) and we’ve raised about £90.


For the last year I’ve squirrelled away some of the money, especially from events that have been close to not breaking even. Having a need to get a flip chart stand for the Parish Ccouncil, I got quotes a few weeks back for a stand and pad, and realised I had enough money to buy both stand and A1 pad for our wargames events from the money I’d had left over.

Why ?

Because quite often no-one knows what the hell is going on, what table they’re playing on and so on. So a nice big pad telling them what to do seems a good idea. Plus we can use it for sundry other purposes.

Best thing of all, when I bought the pad at £15.99 I thought it was expensive…but when I collected it, the box actually contained 5 pads of paper. Bargain !

The stand immediately saw action, not for gaming, but to help the Parish Council have two flip charts for our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) / Annual Parish Meeting, so we could have two separate lists on two separate stands for “Ideas” and more importanly “Volunteers”. So I chaired the meeting, had over 70 people turn up, and had to shoe them out after over 2 hours so we could tidy the village hall up. There were a lot of names and suggestions (some even workable), so the stands were a good idea, and we as wargamers now have some useful tools to make all of our days go better. 🙂

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