Mordheim 2016 04 02

Right, in a desperate bid to catch uop, provide Content(TM) and empty Louis’ memory, here’s a quick set of photos and narrative for some games of Mordheim Byakhee Jim & I played a few weeks ago.


First scenario was a Surprise Attack, so my Witch Hunters commanded by Jeremy of Corbyn, wer not only dispersed across the board but mostly not present (much like half of the Uk shadow cabinet). The flagellants were immediately embroilled in combat with Jim’s Marienburgers.

Whilst more of Jim’s crew killed a PUPPY…a PUPPY I tell you !

The few ranged weapons I had…one X-bow toting Witch Hunter and Jeremy with a duelling pistol, meanwhile deployed upstairs but were compeltely useless. Barn doors everywhere need not fear a thing.

the second game was a Wyrdstone hunt, and as you can see, Jim and I decided to leave two wyrdstone tokens in the middle on a riased walkway. By now I had managed to acquire an Ogre mercenary to bolster my depleted ranks.

Jim’s fighters surged into the central square, relying on numbers to overwhelm my Witch Hunters. (NB: Witch Hunters have a maximum of 12 models in their warband, other gans generally have 15 maximum)

However, the Ogre rushed out to greet all his new “friends” and showed them thesharp pointy part of his double handed sword. Even Bob (short for Kate) went down in this encounter as other Flagellants and Zealots joined in. Meanwhile one of my With Hunters vied with a marienburger for possession of the two wyrdstone pieces.

Though it wasn’t all plain sailing, Carey of Canterheim was decked and the last Flagelleant also went down.

the final game, was Breakthrough…only Jim’s warband didn’t do that and routed very quickly, hence one photo only of a forlorn pirate (marienburger surrounded by my warband.

More photos to come, not least ‘cos I’m having a Frost grave bash with JP on Friday so need to clear the decks.

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