AVBCW Big Game 2016 04 09 The Hunt for Col Mustard’s Memoirs (2)

So with 16 players we now entered into the fray.

Many books and manuscrupts were found. I had warned JP that any manuscripts found would have to be named and detailed because Jim, Rich & I are all also RPGers…the results were disturbing…

On my table, the BUF and allies commanded by Alan, Richard and myself had high hopes, given Alan’s scratch built self propelled artillery, Rich’s Independent, and my Medium tank, plus all the barges.


On the left flank, we faced an aging Medium Mark C and a Rolls Royce that I had inadvertantly equpped Gav’s ledbury Anglicans with, but, hopes remained high.

Until Rob fired the Socialist’s secret home made rockets from one of the barges. We all expected that home made rockets would either deviate or fail to explode.

Oh no…

A volley of six rockets, four directly hit the target (my Medium tank), two deviated into nearby fields missing the infantry Rob had thought he’d hit. And then to make matters worse…

Not only tid four hit the tank, all four detonated, and destroyed the tank outright…in the first turn…

On other tables, the Anglicans clash with their foes, and the first nerve tests are failed.

The crossroads disputed, with neither side gaining an upperhand, the main pub was occupied by the Worcester mercenaries.

More to come.

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