AVBCW Big Game 2016 04 09 The Hunt for Col Mustard’s Memoirs (1)

So another Big Game session with three tables (8×6′) in the village hall, 16 players including a 7 year old !

This is the table I played on.

Each table had multiple manuscripts hidden in buildings, only one (allegedly) was the true manuscript of Col Mustard detailing has dalliances with high society.

As you can see, barges had been modelled and were deployed for the first time. By both sides ! Yes, JP & I had kept schtumm on finding out two opposing players had had the same idea and deployed the same kits – though both carefully customised their waterborne leviathans in different ways.

Rita’s Anglican’s prepare for the onslaught.

Whilst the Anglicans faced stiff opposition on the other table. Clive’s Bishop of Ludlow, vs a force commanded by a 7 year old…

Back on my tabgle, I’d supplied Gav A with a force of Anglicans based in Ledbury – Police and Posties formed the better two units. The Pesto unit was less well equipped. Though the Posties came with the Royal Mail Rocket Launcher. At last, after 3 years I had an excuse to get it on a wargames table even if I wasn’t deploying it myself. 🙂

Meanwhile, Mark’s Albertine forces clashed with the enemy. Everyone remarked, that the Albertine’s were being pushed forward by the dodgy and more experienced Anglican commander (Mort) and straight into the line of fire. Apparently however, Mark’s Albertines did very well and survived the battle !

Meanwhile Rita’s Anglicans were in the thick of it contesting the hill with Tom’s forces.

The Bishop of Ludlow’s forces advance, supported by some mercenaries from Worcester (Jim), and a very strange viginette…more of which later…

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