AVBCW – Armadillo & The Lady of the Standard Lamp

Ok, it’s been WAY TOO LONG since I posted anything. Louis the camera is now getting full, and after a Big Game followed by a bout of Man Flu, I’m now sitting down to edit anddownload/upload pictures of the many games I’ve played since Xmas.

As a kick start, I tok some photos of a couple of builds/conversions Byakhee Rich has done for me.


No really, these were designed as a stop gap measure following the loss of much of the British armoured vehicles at Dunkirk. Mostly used by the RAF to protect airfields from German parachutists, they went on to serve with the Home Guard.

Richard built the main kit very quickly apparently (I gave it to him Saturday evening, he returned it Monday).

Complete with magnetic removable rear pill box.

And brass axles.

Model by Warlord. Comes with two crew for the pill box – spotter and Lewis gunner. ideal for an AVBCW copntraption.

Reminds me of this old advert:-

The Lady of the Standard Lamp

A converted Pankhurst standard bearer – using a dolls house model of a standard lamp, itself converted as it came with mdf standard which both Rich and I new was not going to last.

Again Rich did a great job removing the original hat and remodelling the hair.

Why ?

Well this is because my grandparents were gofted two brass standard lamps after WW2 by Italian ex-POWs…
And my grandmother gave me one of them, so as she died last yeasr it seemed a fitting reminder.

Now both are being undercoated so stand by…

Talking of which there’ll be a cavalcade of postings I hope as I download/upload/middleload/overload my photo library over the next few days. 🙂

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