Asleep ? Or just plain Busy ?

One cat, hard asleep:

Yes it’s been quiet here – I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to edit the photos of the second Frostgrave game, three Mordheim games, and two Warhammer games I’ve fitted in in the last 4 weeks.

What hasn’t helped is the very low light levels here in the UK, which may have been referenced in the re-blog I did from “Open Mind”. It’s been raining constantly and has been generally dismal, so since putting away the paints before the Mordheim game I haven’t put brush to metal/plastic/resin at all during this time.

Xmas started a bit early for me too. Byakhee Rich not only had drilled all the AVBCW standard bearers but had picked up a water mill for me…as one’s firends naturally do.

Ziterades, which is sort of an expanded polystrene product – I’ve got other bits from them, but this is a corker and ideal for both AVBCW and fantasy game boards.

Needs painting however, and of course a scenic board to ensure the water wheel is in a proper watercourse, which thus makes things more complex. It’s been sitting in its box in the kitchen glaring at me, plaintively to paint it.

Oh, those standard bearers…
Yes lots of them. As I seem to provide at least two armies at every Big Game JP & I host, I’ve had to add more of them to cover all the LDV factions, Socialists, Anglicans and other ne’er do wells.

And then there were some runners (Foundry Home Guard) that I knew needed a bit of attention as the rifles would simply fall off if on Stupid Glue was used.


Now back to editting some photos.

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